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#1 AI Fitness Trainer

Application tracks all your exercise repits, points your mistakes and teach you the correct technique in real time by giving audio tips, just like a real trainer!

  • Keep your entire
    body tight
  • Press your weight
    back into your heels
  • Place your feet
    shoulder-width apart
    or slightly wider

Innovative AI technology

With help of a unique blend of innovative AI technology and computer vision Fittonic is able to:

  • Track all your movements during the exercise;
  • Give you extra motivation to finish the workout - no room for cheating;
  • Track the progress, so you can enjoy the results and gain self-confidence!

Wide range
of programs

Complex guides from start to finish made by experienced trainers


Mistakes revision and correction during and after workout


Workouts based on your personal body parametrs and desired results

New workout experience with Fittonic

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IMPORTANT: the app is in learning mode, please take app's instructions only as a recommendation. PLEASE NOTE: You'll need to place your iPhone upright on a table or against a wall for the app to track your movements well, please be careful with your device.